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i am an engineer

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this is my now page.

as mentioned in the main page, i was inspired by Derek’s page i want to utilise my time properly and put it up here online this will not only help me analyse whether i am wasting time or not; but also let others know what i am doing and why i am not responding to calls or emails.

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i try to read research papers published in cvpr, nips, iclr and icml. i am also trying to increase the boundary of my knowledge of deep learning and statistics. but to be honest, i rarely understand those published in iclr or icml.

i need to complete my current projects fast. i am increasingly wasting time in youtube and facebook. this might be because it all starts with waiting for my programs to complete or i am too depressed to work for the next few minutes.

i wrote the above 2 paragraphs on 15th Feb 2019 and they are still pretty much valid (hence it is e^x in this updated version). this is a major update in my life and to all those who know me. i am getting a little out of my cocoon. updated about my life in various online profiles and the biggest: finally maybe going to use a “smart”-phone !! i believe that technology should always be used to help everyone (selflessly) but i am still not quite happy with the way consumers pay thousands of bucks to enjoy these inventions. maybe things will change and this exploitation of consumers would reduce a little

last updated: 7th June 2019