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hey welcome to the world of pinaki. if you are looking for something related to resume/CV, then head below to extra link section.

currently i am living in kolkata (India), so if you happen to drop in the city let’s meet and discuss new ideas over a cup of coffee !!

now some stuff about me: i am a vegetarian (it means that i do not eat chicken by simply imagining it to be paneer); i love to travel, meet new people and learn their way of living; oh and yeah…i love to think of new ideas specially how to develop algorithms doing the same tasks as an average human (some people call it artificial intelligence)

my educational background

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small bio.

Pinaki Nath Chowdhury | পিনাকী নাথ চৌধুরী
Durgapur, West Bengal, India, Earth
Pink and Green and Blue
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Email: | WeChat: +91 7432814640 | Facebook Messenger
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